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A fun fact about paper menu

Paper menu first appeared in China during the second half of the 18th century or The Romantic Age. Customers ate what the house was serving that day. The owner wrote down the unseen dishes on paper for the customers to choose. We’ve been using paper menus for around 300 years.

There are currently about 43,000 cafes and restaurants in Australia. If each restaurant printed 30 to 50 single page menus and updates their menu 3 times a year. Every restaurant invests hundreds or even thousands of dollars on designing an excellent looking menu and pays more to gets these menus printed. All menus meant to be updated multiple times a year to adapt to changes in seasons, production cost, food trends and many other reasons.

Why Bonee?

Bonee QR menu revolutionises how the menu works with the latest technology and enable restaurants, cafes, retail shops to provide their customers with an attractive  digital menu that opens on their personal devices and helping them to view all menu items with images and professional descriptions and to proceed their order with a few simple clicks. Amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool.

Paper menus becoming more of a burden than a benefit, why?

Almost every restaurant invest time and money on professionals to create a nice looking menu with fancy descriptions and then get these menus printed. A menu is updated minimum 3 times a year in order to adapt to changes of seasons, production cost, food trends any many other reasons. The costs incurred from this exercise is from hundreds to thousands of dollars which don’t even include the costs of the limitations.

But in our dynamic world where almost everything is influenced by the pace of technological change, are paper menus becoming more of a burden than a benefit today?

1. Hard to capture customers’ attention

Up to 86% of customers just quickly scan the menu at the restaurant, which means that a paper menu with limited words and space has a very small chance to make a big impact.

2. Poor felxibility

Paper menus are difficult to update. An authoritative easerch shows that more than 12% of the menu items need to be taken off or changed within 3 months for various of reasons. Almost all of the restaurants have to update diners about unavailable items printed on the menu or otherwise, new items which NOT printed on the menu. most of the restaurants need a separate specials board to upsell their special dishes.

3. Paper gets ruined easily

Paper is so fragile. No one can’t completely protect the paper menu from water, food, a naughty kids or usual expected wear. A paper menu with a quality folder or cover might last more than a month. Otherwise, much shorter.

4. Unafordable costs for quality paper menu

In Australia, the average cost for a colour printed paper menu with a quality cover, without images will be around $30 each. All colour printed menus with images will double the cost.

Bonee Menu

Bonee QR menu is the perfect tool for restaurantscafesshops and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive QR menu. Bonee menu help theri custopmers to view and order with a few clicks from their mobile devices, It amplify your reach, inspire your audience, reduce labour costs and save time all by using this amazing tool.

Advantages of using Bonee Menu

  • Promots new products by providing information and images
  • Increase sales opportunity
  • Capture customers data and their feedback at the best timing
  • Eliminates order-taking errors by waiters
  • Helps customers to understand menu items with images and text information
  • Increase efficiency of the service
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Creates online reputation, develop a customer community through social media
  • Direct payment options
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