Bonee QR Menu

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to connect with your cusotmers

introducing the most advance digital menu & in-house ordering system

It's 'almost certain' Australia is 'in the midst of a recession
Double whammy': coronavirus and bushfires put Australian businesses at risk of collapse
When reaching new customers becomes unaffordable, retain exesting customers becomes more important !

How would you survive your business in the economic downturn?

  • How to stay connect with your local customers? - stop using commission based online platforms!
  • How to reduce your business running cost? - stop wasting money on menu design and printing!
  • How to stay strong in competition? - stop paying for in ineffective marketing campaigns
  • Introducing Bonee QR Menu!

    Bonee QR menu revolutionises how the menu works with the latest technology and enable restaurants, cafes, retail shops to provide their customers with an attractive  digital menu that opens on their personal devices and helping them to view all menu items with images and professional descriptions and to proceed their order with a few simple clicks. Amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool.

    1. Connection, Liason, Retention

    Bonee Menu is the perfect tool to connect with evey customer who visit your restaurant, for both dine-in and takeaway. Customers can access your menu, put through their order by simply scaning a QR code. A built-in loyalty program will attratces over 70% of customers to keep the menu and incentive for their next visit.

    2. Excellent felxibility

    Bonee menu is a complete platform which promotes your brand name, best dishes and special offers, as well as options for online payments, flexible pricing, multiple images, options for adding toppings and print options.

    Bonee system is a refine system for customers to brows the menu and place their orders as well as for waiting staffs to manage table ordering and service requests in realtime.

    3. Make printed menu history

    In Australia, the average cost for a colour printed menu with a limited images will be between $20 to $40 each (not including cost of designing and menu cover). mojority of restaurants change their menu at least twice a year.

    But in our dynamic world where almost everything is influenced by the pace of technological change, without a doulbt, paper menus becoming more of a burden than a benefit today.

    Bonee Menu

    Bonee QR menu is the perfect tool for restaurantscafesshops and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive QR menu. Bonee menu help theri custopmers to view and order with a few clicks from their mobile devices, It amplify your reach, inspire your audience, reduce labour costs and save time all by using this amazing tool.

    Advantages of using Bonee Menu

  • Promots new products by providing information and images
  • Increase sales opportunity
  • Capture customers data and their feedback at the best timing
  • Eliminates order-taking errors by waiters
  • Helps customers to understand menu items with images and text information
  • Increase efficiency of the service
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Creates online reputation, develop a customer community through social media
  • Direct payment options
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