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Reservations Diary

Perfectly combines online and offline bookings

  • Online bookings are automatically added to your Diary
  • Add phone and email reservations in just a few clicks
  • A source of each booking is clearly identified
  • Manage bookings, capacities and block-out periods with ease
  • Quick search for any existing booking or customer
  • Online bookings 24/7

    Convenience for your customers to view live availability and make instantly confirmed bookings from anywhere on any device, day or night

  • Convert website or Facebook visitors into reservations with a customisable booking tool that allows customers the convenience to book online with any device, day or night
  • Offer real-time availability by setting maximum capacities, booking cut-off or block-out periods to ensure your online bookings are kept up to date across all of your distribution channels
  • Provide instant booking confirmations to reduce labour costs and prevent interruptions during service time

  • Automated notifications

    Set your booking confirmations and reminders to autopilot.

  • Get automatically notified by email and SMS when new bookings are made by your customers.
  • Save yourself time and effort by sending your customers automatic notifications when their booking is confirmed, changed or cancelled.
  • Reduce no shows by sending automatic booking reminders by email and SMS.
  • Customers and booking data

    The in-built CRM (customer relationship management) tool automatically collects customer data with every booking. Use insights from this to grow your business.

  • Instantly access your customer data - all in one place.
  • Ask vital questions during the booking process and let the system add them straight to your customer’s profile.
  • Assess the health of your restaurant business by producing real time reports.
  • Everything is securely saved in the cloud and fully updated in real time.

  • Promotional bookings

    Boost your quiet times and offer early bird specials to increase reservations.

  • Create publicly visible promotions to generate new business or target your existing customers to drive repeat business
  • Attract new customers outside your network by running promotions with our daily deal partners
  • Direct promotional bookings into the times that work best for you so you can maximise revenue
  • Functions and catering

    More than just restaurant reservations, nabooki can manage all of your booking requirements in the one system.

  • Display availability and manage bookings for room hire or function space from one centralised calendar
  • Offer online bookings if you provide mobile catering services for corporate and private events
  • Maximise your assets and generate additional revenue
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