More than 10,000 shops and restaurants in Australia are promoting their business on WeChat

WeChat, the no.1 platform to reach the Chinese audience today.

There are currently around 3 million WeChat users in Australia, and about 38% of these users are not native Mandarin or Cantonese speakers – hinting to the growing popularity of WeChat in Australia, and how the ‘Super App’ and Australia’s commercial relationship with China are inherently linked. Would you like to be included in a campaign that targets over 70,000 active WeChat subscribers?

Would you like to gain extra revenue from new customers through the fast growing social media platform?

Are you frustrated in not getting return from digital marketing?

Are you but interested in targeting the Australian- Chinese but don't know how?

We are here to help!

Over 120,000 views; 65,000 online purchase, bookings and enquiries are made on WeChat


Why WeChat

Successfully reaching the Chinese consumer is vital for the survival of Australian businesses. More than one million Australian residents identify themselves as Chinese. Approximately 1.2 million Chinese tourists visit Australia each year and spend an average of $8,300 AUD per person during their stay. There are currently more than 3 million activated WeChat users in Australia

Comparing with Facebook marketing, WeChat has doubled the engagement rate!

Chinese SMB owners use the ‘group chat’ function to reach and directly communicate with customers, and in app functionality allows you to easily share and scan the group’s QR code to spread it among contacts to join the chat group.

WeChat is the only platform that integrates online and offline marketing to ensure a robust customer purchasing journey.

We are now featuring TOP businesses from Beauty, Fitness and Restaurant categories each week for our Wechat subscribers.

There is a code scanner embedded in ‘WeChat’, by scanning the Code, users can be directed to your webpage. As Chinese audiences are familiar with this format, the inclusion of QR code creates the opportunity for a direct communication channel with them.

Include a hot deal to encourage users to scan and achieve 200% ROI!

Why Us

We are a bunch of Wechat Gurus and online marketing strategists with a well-established platform and smart business solutions to help business owners to increase online attractions and sales opportunities. Visit us at

A minimal cost = transcreation of you business, advertising fee + exposure to 70,0000+ new customers from the phenomenal Australian-Chinese market.

We will share with stats on click through rate, showing you how many people have read your offer.

Give us a chance to WOW you!

The Top 10s Campaign on WeChat

We carefully select the TOP 10 well-known businesses from different business verticals which located in metro areas with a substantial Chinese population or well-known in Chinese community. We created a special campaign on WeChat called TOP 10s to introduce these businesses to the Chinese consumers.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our service

Q: How we promote your business in the TOP 10s Campaign?

A: Your Ad will be published once a week on WeChat.

Q: How many people will see my Ad?

A: There are over 90 Chat-groups (over 30,000 active WeChat subscribers) in your chosen city.

Q: How do I track the online activities on WeChat?

A: Your business website or landing page will be linked to the Ad with a QR code

Q: How do I sell my specials on WeChat?

A: Our online reservation system helps you to take bookings or sell your specials instantly, 100% commission-free

Q: How do I get pay for the online sales from WeChat?

A: All online payments will be processed direct to your PayPal or e-Way account, no third-party will be involved in your online payments

Q: What other services do you provide?

Our services including:

  • Advance online enquiries and online sales
  • Increase attractiveness to new customers
  • Only $55 per month for unlimited bookings
  • Connect with PayPal & E-Way to process the online payments directly to your bank account
  • 100% commission free
  • Month to month service, NO FIXED TERM CONTRACT
  • Website contents translation
  • English – Chinese
  • English – Japanese
  • English – Thai
  • Effective Landing page in Chinese 
  • sample website  

    Thai Riffci Group: (Special design for mobile view)

    Wonderlab Sinacre & Beauty (Designed for destop view)
  • Connect with Google analytics
  • Online traffic monitoring
  • Conversion rate monitoring
  • WeChat Ads
  • WeChat Edvertorial - Quote per project (starts from $550)
  • Banner - Quote per project (starts from $450)
  • Chat-Group Ads (most popular) – starts from $200 per week – expose to 25,000+ active WeChat users in your state
  • WeChat Campaign sample:

    WeChat Campaign sample:

    We take good care of every campaign!

    We keep in touch with all our clients closely with updates of their campaigns. Unlike other marketing services, we report to our customers with solid statistic figures rather than gustimation!

  • 1.Monitoring online traffic and activities during your campaign

  • Updates with details of every online bookings and booking trends

    Taking a total control of your online sales with a powerful online booking tool

  • Service items, images, descriptions & pricing
  • Service availabilities with options of online payments

  • Campaign Cost

    No contract! No Commission! Week to week service!

    Campaign with us with the lowest price!!


    unit price

    bundle price

    Minimum bundle


    Story+picture+link to a website


    per publishing

    1 Ad


    Short article+photos+link to website



    3 placements

    3 placements

    Group-Chat Ads*

    Mini description+Photos+link to website


    per week (5 placements)

    $748 (15% discount)

    4 weeks (20 placements)

    4 weeks

    with 20 placements

  • Advertorial - The Ad will be featured in the top section of the daily update with a HEADLINE & TITLE IMAGE with an short article with highlight of introduction, story or specialty of your business and service. Featured with up to 6 images, QR code that links to your business website or online booking page. Highest visibility and click rate. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SAMPLE
  • Banner Ad - The Ad will be featured in the lower-top section of the daily update with a HEADLINE with an short article with highlight of introduction, story or specialty of your business and service. Featured with up to 6 images, QR code that links to your business website or online booking page. High visibility and click rate. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SAMPLE
  • Group - Chat Ads - The Ad features up to 9 small images of your business with a mini description (30 words) and a QR code links to your business webpage or personal WeChat account for people to follow. The Ad will be shared in major Chat-group with approximately 20,000 active WeChat members in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. High visibility and good for personal referral.
  • Click to see other services and pricing.

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